Endorsement Application

The Rural Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party strives to recruit high quality candidates so that no race goes uncontested. We support these candidates by endorsing their campaign and offering campaign donations. To be considered for endorsement and funding, please fill out this application.




I am committed to ensuring that every American has access to quality, affordable health care, accessibility for rural residents including the use of telemedicine, and treatment.  It should not be biased by gender or race, or exclude pre-existing conditions. 


I support: Fully Funded Public Education; Broad-based curriculum (including Vocational, Science, Health Technology, Math, Economics, Languages, Art, Music, History, Political Science, Literature, Dramatic Arts, Home Economics, and Life Skills); Continuing Ed for Adults, robustly funded and affordable classes through our Community Colleges; Support for our Union Educators ; Expanded Public Education to include Early Childhood Education.


I support modern infrastructure improvements, which include reliable and affordable internet and cell phone service, better roads, safer dams and bridges, and common-sense renewable energy projects. 

Environment and Energy

I strongly support science-based, reasonable and robust environmental and energy policies that promote clean water, clean air, soil conservation and clean, renewable energy.

Affordable Housing

I believe that affordable housing has become a critical challenge, and if able in my elected role, I will utilize and create the tools necessary to address this problem.

Integrity of Elections

Elections, election workers and volunteers — key features of a free country and a functioning democracy — are under assault in America. They are threatened by people who demand fealty to a person or political party instead of loyalty to the Constitution and the rule of law. The Rural Caucus supports regulations and laws that:

1. Guarantee safe, fair and free elections that also protect election workers, volunteers and observers from partisan attacks; and

2. Ensure that every legal and legitimate vote and absentee ballot can be cast and counted without partisan interference.




Thank you for your interest in the MDP Rural Caucus Endorsement.